Drinking from the Air included in Transhumanist Handbook

It’s great to have my essay Drinking from the Air selected for inclusion in the Transhumanist Handbook by editor Newton Lee. This book includes many of the heavy-hitters of Transhumanism, and I’m excited to be a part of it.

The list of contributors includes:

Ojochogwu Abdul, University of Lagos
Maria Entraigues Abramson, SENS Research Foundation
Michele Adelson-Gavrieli, Artificial Intelligence Incubators & Sounds of the Heart
David Aguilar, UIC Barcelona – Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
Sarah Ahamed, India Future Society
Chris T. Armstrong, Transhumanist Author
Kyrtin Atreides, The Foundation
Joe Bardin, Relativity Writing
Barış Bayram, Yeditepe University
Lincoln Cannon, Mormon Transhumanist Association
Kali Carrigan, University of Amsterdam
Didier Coeurnelle, AFT-Technoprog and Heales
Keith Comito, Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) & Lifespan.io
Dr. José Luis Cordeiro, Humanity+, Spain
Francesco Albert Bosco Cortese, Biogerontology Research Foundation
Mark Crowther, IT Consultant
Dinorah Delfin, United States Transhumanist Party
Sylvester Geldtmeijer, Transhumanist Writer
Federico De Gonzalez-Soler, Zerozed
Dr. Scott H. Hawley, Belmont University
Henrique Jorge, ETER9
David J Kelley, Artificial General Intelligence Inc.
Martin van der Kroon, United States Transhumanist Party
Carmen Fowler LaBerge, Faith Radio Network
Inessa Lee, California Transhumanist Party
Newton Lee, California Transhumanist Party & Institute for Education, Research, and Scholarships
Rich Lee, Biohacker & Cyborgasmics
Kate Levchuk, KateGoesTech
Rob Lubow, Botcopy
Eugene Lukyanov, Biohacker
Palak Madan, India Future Society
Dr. Julia Mossbridge, Mossbridge Institute & Loving AI
B.J. Murphy, United States Transhumanist Party
Blaire Ostler, Mormon Transhumanist Association
Liz Parrish, BioViva USA Inc
Ira S Pastor, Bioquark Inc.
Dr. Ted Peters, Graduate Theological Union
Micah Redding, Christian Transhumanist Association
Garfield Reeves-Stevens, Writer and Producer
Judith Reeves-Stevens, Writer and Producer
Dr. Michael R. Rose, University of California Irvine
Grant A. Rutledge, University of California Irvine
Giovanni Santostasi, Northwestern University
Dr. Anca I. Selariu, BioViva USA Inc
Nicole Shadowen, John Jay College of Criminal Justice (CUNY)
Vineeta Sharma, The Transhumanist
Avinash Kumar Singh, University of Technology Sydney
Calem John Smith, Zerozed
Dr. Jonathan Squyres, GlobalNewWorld
Dr. Ilia Stambler, Bar Ilan University
R. Nicholas Starr, California Transhumanist Party
Jakub Stefaniak, University of Oxford
Amanda Stoel, DIY Futurist
Gennady Stolyarov II, United States Transhumanist Party
Dr. Andjelka (Angie) Stones, NorthCentral University
Joshua Marshall Strahan, Lipscomb University
Melanie Swan, Purdue University & Institute for Blockchain Studies
Dr. Mariana Todorova, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Janez Trobevšek, Zerozed
Stephen Valadez, Transhumanist Author
Dr. Natasha Vita-More, Humanity+ & University of Advancing Technology
Eleanor ‘Nell’ Watson, Singularity University
Augusta L. Wellington, Psychoanalyst
Dr. Sophie Wennerscheid, Ghent University
David Wood, Delta Wisdom
Daniel Yeluashvili, San Francisco State University
Jeffrey A. Zilahy, Transhumanist Consultant




Year end roundup 2018

This year I had short plays performed by:

  • KMC Onstage, Kaiserslautern, Germany
  • Theatre Artists Studio
  • Space 55
  • Herberger Lunchtime Theater

Had a rough but useful staged reading of Infinity Mirror, by La Jolla Theatre Ensemble.

Published an important essay, In the Name of Not Repeating, in Eclectica, which helps set up the essay collection and was given spotlight status by the journal.

Published poems in Voices Israel.

Did a lot of writing on essays, plays and a screenplay now ready for circulation.




Barking at Butterflies is performed in Germany


KMC Onstage is USAG Rheinland-Pfalz’s own community theater, located in Kaiserslautern.  The program provides a wide variety of theatrical entertainment for youth, families, and adults. Enjoy our first production of the 2018-2019 season, the studio show “An Evening of One Acts.”  Our one act shows consistently compete for (and win!) awards for being among the best studio performances in all of Army Europe.

Performances are schedule for:

September 7,8, 14, 15 at  7 p.m.

September 9 and 16 at 3 p.m.

All performances will be held in the Kaiserslautern Community Activity Center (KCAC) on Daenner Kaserne, Bldg. 3109.

The one act plays we have selected for this season are as follows:

Two brothers and their wives keep watch at their dead brother’s casket. Nostalgia and memories, however, soon lead to some unpleasant and embarrassing revelations—and worse! It’s a family story—what can you expect?

ALEXANDER THE GREAT by James C. Ferguson
Alexander the Great arrives at a new city—ready to conquer—and runs into some uncooperative potential subjects. How much land does a person need anyway? Seriously!

Two Spanish water dogs reflect on life, love, humans, and butterflies.

Violet tries to talk some sense into Hattie, who has obviously lost her marbles. Hattie has sold her house, moved into a shack, and is spending her time collecting and painting old hubcaps.

A CHILL IN MY BONES by Angela Cerrito
When a regular customer enters her home, followed by Death, a psychic bends her opening hours and breaks a promise to her daughter. But what advice can she offer her worried friend whose time is almost up?

Some people excel in high pressure situations. Others, not so much. What happens when a tightly wound individual becomes so focused on the task at hand that he misses all the clues? A comedic spin on one of the most basic elements of spy craft exploring a common foible of human nature.


Eggtooth Editions Chapbook Contest runner upness

Dear Joe Bardin,

The judges of this year’s Eggtooth Editions Chapbook Contest have selected Katie Quinnelly’s “Sparrow Pie” as the winning manuscript. We anticipate the release of the chapbook in May 2018.

However, we wanted to personally email you to let you know that your manuscript, “Body Archeology,” was a runner-up. We were compelled by your narrative of personal trauma and the vivid, honest way that you conveyed your experiences. We hope that you submit again in the future!

Further details about the winner, as well as a list of the runners-up and finalists, will be posted on the website soon, including an excerpt from the winning manuscript.

All best,

Will Cordeiro, co-editor

Check out the webpage here for details: https://eggtootheditions.tumblr.com/contestresults


Katie Quinnelly for Sparrow Pie

The chapbook will be available for purchase May 2018.


Nancy Cook for Uncertain Endings

Joe Bardin for Body Archaeology


Stephen House for Black

Hannah Rodabaugh for We Traced The Shape Of Our Loss To See Your Face

Alexander Payne Morgan for A Question of Blood

Barry North for Reports from God’s Country

San Diego reading is shaping up

It’s been a pleasure to engage with John Tessmer, who is casting and directing the reading of Infinity Mirror at RAADfest. John direct the La Jolla Theater Ensemble play reading series, so he’s got great experience in doing actual readings. We’ve had a couple in depth conversations about the play and the event itself. This is going to be a very large room with several hundred people in it. So the actors will have to be quite animated to reach them. So far, John has cast nicely accomplished actors to make it happen.


Mark Zweifach and Jill Drexler, who will read the parents, Richard and Edna, both have great experience acting as well as directing. Jill is also Artistic Director at Scripps Ranch Theatre. The role of Jesse will be read by Kenny Bordieri, a talented young actor. And Jesse’s girlfriend, Natalie, will be read by Kate Schott, with her own resume of stage and film credits. 

I am flying over to SD next week to do the table read and looking forward to meeting the cast and hearing what they do with Infinity Mirror.






Reading in San Diego in August

I’m excited that the directors of RAADfest (www.raadfest.com) want to have a staged reading of Infinity Mirror performed, probably on the Thursday evening. I’m working on finding San Diego actors for the reading, and am looking forward to sharing this play with the audience of several hundred at RAADfest.

I’ve decided to do an essay collection

My nonfiction essay collection, Body Archaeology, traces the arc of my migration out of a middle class American Jewish existence that seemed severed from my body, and into the pursuit of a more physically felt and emotionally authentic way of being. This led me, of all places, to the exploration and advocacy of radical life extension and physical immortality. It’s an unlikely path, one I am seeking to make sense of myself in these essays, by looking back to the moments of suffering and discovery that became stations along the way.

Most of these essays have been published in literary journals including Louisville Review, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Superstition Review, Eclectica, and Rock & Sling, among others. Individually, they touch on everything from moving countries as a small child, playing intercollegiate basketball, a rift with family, loving an older woman, and surviving worst-case scenario spinal problems. But taken together they trace the through-line of a personal transformation all the way back to the very beginning.