Collaboration at Hooters

Great meeting with director Mike Traylor last night to hash out some aspects of the production, which premiers Nov. 14th at Kax Stage, Herberger. We met at Hooters of all places, which is perhaps appropriate to discuss a play entitled Love Disorder. On the other hand, Hooters is never really appropriate.

Mike is intense and passionate and deeply engaged with the play and I’m excited about the level of commitment and quality he is bringing. Having said that, we disagreed on some significant matters right off the bat, without any rancor or malice. But never the less, we disagreed. This produced out of Mike the best line of the night: “That’s what I like about doing Shakespeare, he’s been dead for hundreds of years, so I don’t have to worry about his opinions.”

I love the fact that Mike cares enough to be bothered by my wanting something different than what he envisioned. This is clear evidence that he has a vision. In the end, I think we both felt like we conceded quite a bit, perhaps more than the other fella. I’m pretty sure, though, that I really did … even though Mike seems to think that he really did.

Which is to say this show is going to get the care and attention it deserves, and I’m looking forward to the first cast reading on October 13.

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