Movies and timing and waiting and waiting

Almost every week, it seems, there is a new headline about the dark web, Internet fraud, and major international banks admitting to their culpability in some financial malfeasance,  usually in the billions of dollars range. These are three central elements in Detection, the movie I’ve written with Ori Eisen, leaving me quite impatient. Detection has gained the enthusiastic support of producer Warren Weideman. However, we are still waiting to hear on financial backing for the project and it has been many, many months.

But as Warren has reminded me, it took Spielberg 10 years to get Lincoln made, so what am I whining about?

The best way to be free of  waiting  is to be busy writing. To that end, I have been working on a new play, which I am quite excited about, as it directly engages the fascinating topic of radical life extension and physical immortality. As science starts to seriously challenge the axiom of a limited human lifespan, the arts need to help explore the implications in a passionate, progressive and thoughtful manner. Death is so intimately woven into the human identity that the human who doesn’t die is clearly something entirely distinct and worthy of our profound imaginative consideration. Put another way: who are we when we don’t die?



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