Reading at Improvmania in Chandler, August 23rd

I’ve been invited to read at Improvmania in Chandler, August 23rd. It’s a back to school fundraiser for kids in need, so I picked a piece about career growth, which is code for the struggle between earning and living and being an artist. It was published a while back in Toad Suck Review, but I’ve never read it publicly.

Despite the name, Improvmania, I will not be improvising, other than the possibly charming off the cuff banter before I begin reading word for word. This will be my first reading since Lit Lounge last year at the Scottsdale Museum of Modern Art. I was nervous then, and when it was my turn, the mic was set too low for me by about three¬†inches, and instead of adjusting it, or asking someone to help me adjust it, I read my entire piece in an ever so slight stoop. While this might have been sort of beneficial for my core musculature, it was not the best way to deliver a light hearted ¬†accounted of my adventures as a self-conscious male model. Actually, that’s often how I felt modeling, slightly off kilter, never quite comfortable, too uncertain to ask questions.

So I’m looking forward to reading into a properly adjusted microphone and having a good time with everyone who turns out. Debra has promised more information soon, and I will post as soon as available.





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