Seeing Maya

feature screenplay lovestory
Selected a Rhode Island International Film Festival screenplay semi-finalist

To escape a mismatched, stalker fiancé and overbearing parents, Danny, 25, goes to Tel Aviv, where he falls in love with, Maya, 52, an ageless beauty. When faced with making their secret affair public, each of them tries to run, before finally surrendering to their passion for each other.


d4rk w3b (DARK WEB)

feature screenplay thriller
written with Ori Eisen

To stop a child trafficking ring, a fraud detection genius is pulled out of early retirement and must navigate the dark web of organized Internet crime and corrupt international banking, as well as facing his own demons.


If my mother’s dead, why am I still arguing with her?

feature screenplay comedy drama
written with Dr. Moss Jackson

A middle aged therapist who's never totally grown up must finally takes charge of his life to sweep away very literal hauntings of his past, in time to reconnect with his estranged teenage daughter before she ruins her future.