Love Disorder

November 14 - 30, 2014

Full Length Play
iTheatre Collaborative, Kax Stage, Herberger Theater

Breaking up is hard to do, and so is staying together, in this comedy about couples and their discontents. When Laura attempts to separate from her boyfriend, Percy, because the only feelings he seems to possess are “sports feelings”, their circle of friends must reassess their own relationships as well. Do we lose our individuality in love or do we gain it? Are we doomed to reenact our parents’ less than inspiring domesticities, or can we break free of the past to set our own course of the heart? These and other profound questions are just barely touched upon, as we follow Laura&Percy, RobnKiki and JustinErica through the passions, conflicts, delusions and resolutions of their love disorders. Check it out on YouTube


Infinity Mirror

August 12, 2018

full length play
San Diego, California

The human condition is defined by mortality. But with rapid technological advancement, that limitation might not always apply moving forward. Are we ready for such a radical redefinition? Or does the past loom too large to let us see a new future? In this comedy/drama, Jesse, the black sheep, tries to get his family to adopt his immortalist outlook and lifestyle. They react with their usual disinterest, distrust and stubbornness. But when Jesse’s father experiences an inexplicable transformation to his more youthful self, everyone has to reassess their assumptions. In the end, Jesse’s father can’t maintain his miraculous change, and Jesse gains his freedom, however painfully, from a family that will always fight him.



short play

A middle aged couple in a theater try to decide whether to leave a play and each other.


How to Quit Writing

Short Play
Herberger Theater, Kax Stage

In a workshop, a writer shares his most authentic, ambitious project yet.


Barking at Butterflies

Short Play
Theatre Artists Studio

Marco and Bella, two Spanish Water Dogs, reflect on life, love and the pursuit of butterflies.


Endless Drive Through

August 5, 2016

Short play
Performed at RAAD Fest, San Diego, CA, 2016

A comic attempt at having a deep conversation with a bank teller. Check it out on